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Welcome to Brian And Raimee

Pardon the Mess

This site is currently under construction so please pardon the mess, design flaws, broken links, and other hiccups with the site. I have limited time to spend working on this along with so many many projects. I will continue to develop the site and fix issues as I find the time and energy.

The Salisbury's

This site was setup for many reasons. First, to allow for friends and family to see what we have been up to in our adventures. Second it is part of Brian's home lab setup so it is a place for me to test and play with new technology and document what I learn along the way. Third, once I (Brian) fugue out how to give Raimee the ability to host a blog on whatever she wants. Fourth, provide links to other systems and resources that have been setup under this lab domain in a central location.

I am sure that it will also be used for other things down the road as life changes and I find new things to do with it.