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Currently in progress: This Site

This has evolved from a project in my test lab to see if I could build my own webserver, that once completed hosted a basic page as proof that I had succeeded. With that page I soon started posting links to other projects that I was working on so that friends, family, and myself would not have to remember them, but it was still very basic. My mom kept asking for pictures of our new house and I kept saying that I would get some to her somehow and I tried to a few different ways all of which failed (sorry mom). So, I decided that I would use my existing webpage to post the images. I started looking at some of the webpages I had built in the past and some the image galleries I had built. I ended up not really liking any of the galleries and did not want reuse one of them, but I did like some the webpage templates that I had built. Figured what the heck and decided that one of the would be easily recycled with a few tweaks (This was followed by the realization of how rusty I was at building a website and coding). I started look for how other people had done image galleries, once I found one that I liked I started to figure out how it worked. Soon I realized that it looked easier to reuse for my purposes than it really was. About 2 days of tweaking it and looking at the results of each tweak I started to understand how the gallery template worked. Slowly but surly it is coming together and one day it will be complete when that day is I have no clue.

Raspberry PI

Raimee, my loving wife, bought me one for Christmas. I am currently trying to get it all configured and reading though Raspberry Pi 21 Brilliant Projects, not sure what I want to do with it yet but excited for all of the possibilities